4000 islands - si phan don

how to get there?


The bus ride to "nakasang"

"NAKASANG", a village at the Mekong river where you get on the boat to "DON DET".

From Laos:

Get a bus to "Don Det - 4000 ISLANDS", you arrive here mostly at midday.


From "PAKXE", the biggest town in South Laos, there is besides mini van service (once every morning) local transport avaible as well (leaving every full hour) - adventures drive, recommended!


From Thailand and Vietnam:

Get a bus first to "PAKXE" in Laos as there are no direct tickets avaible. >> see above "From Laos"


From Cambodia:

Get a bus to "Don Det - 4000 ISLANDS", you mostly arrive here at late afternoon.

Crossing the mekong river to Don Det:

The fun part, via local longtail boat to the river island Don Det.

Arrived in "Nakasang" just walk to the pier and jump on a boat over to "DON DET". 15.000 kip for a 20 min ride through the amazing Mekong river - enjoy it, its beautiful!

to your Rudimental House:

Almost there, just a few more steps - your hammock is waiting!

You will arrive at the main pier in the very north of the island. From there its just a 15 min walk to your Holiday Lodge.

Walk 100 meter down the "Highstreet", turn right towards "Sunsetside" and continue walking on the riverside.

You cant miss it!


Enjoy your stay!